Evacuation signs in use frequently asked questions

- Sep 21, 2015-

Watch Hollywood movies are often seen in the us, the hero often according to wall or green light sign on the ground reached the rapid evacuation. Evacuation signs in many countries have been building as one. Several large fires that occurred in recent days, causing the death of most of the staff example, fully confirmed the importance of fire evacuation signs in public places, while it is also when the fire broke out, evacuating people flee has played an important role. In fire inspection investigation, however, many places on this point to the lack of a proper understanding of the evacuation. Resulting in a fire hazard exists, where the main problems.

1, fire evacuation indicator should be set at the top or evacuation corridor, and at the corner of place or position from one meter high. Survey of firefighters, fire evacuation signs are varied. There is a place to hang the fire safety is very high, to look up to see it. Or just sign is without electricity, and where equipment; there was a sign is a type of fluorescent more individual signage is up, these signs are not eligible.

2, directional signs are spaced no more than 20 meters, but there are places to save money, escape sign the number is far from enough. Some units are only exported symbol of simple setup instructions.

3, a lot of places just to send someone to check when will think of those places set up security signs, let alone maintain. A simple sign of damage blocked, maybe it will appear in the fire personnel casualties.

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