Features of the sensor light

- Sep 21, 2015-

Sensor light is based on the design of imported technology, how it works infrared, with infrared ray decoding method, its use is very widespread, various community, shopping malls, industrial areas and other places have taken this lamp. Is a kind of green energy saving lamps. It is mainly used infra-red technology, control the output, also used a lot of chips, it has anti-jamming capability, suitable for any occasion.

It is an automatic switch can control circuit can be used for lighting, and if people leave, it will automatically shut off, so as not to waste, but also can extend the life of electrical appliances, and quick and easy to use. Its installations and other installations are as simple, but function is much more than others, the normal lights, people leaving must remember to turn off the lights, if one day you leave home forgetting to turn off the lights, is it not a day wasted electricity. And this will happen often. This lamp is the most suitable for installation on the corridor. People will naturally be bright, people, and it will naturally go out, you don't need to turn on the lights. Also extends lamp life. Because incandescent bulbs do not interfere with electronic circuits, so the selection is very important. It can automatic metering, daylight without induction. Distracted is a feature of it. Using induction lamps, due to the use of controlled routes, high reliability, frequency sensing is subject to endless, you can keep on using it. But not not bad, each lamp is its longevity. Compared to incandescent bulbs, the price is not expensive, it is affordable. Anyway to buy a lamp, you can select a sensor light.

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