Infrared body sensors installation method

- Sep 21, 2015-

Installed infrared body sensors, installed in intelligent often venues (ceiling or wall) can improve the sensitivity and scope of work. Do not install in wet above the ceiling or wall. Cleaning time is first disconnected from its power source. Cleaning please select non-corrosive cleaning agents. After installation in a certain space, can not use acid or alkaline chemical solvent, otherwise the lamp plating or painting and its damage.

Product installation methods

Confirm the voltage. First turn off the power when installed. Power cord was 220VC,50 (HZ), with 4x25 flat head self tapping screws through the chassis mounting ceiling roof or walls (needs is reliable and secure).

Wiring (lamp power cord one line terminal grain and FireWire will be linked together, one and zero together, after you connect the cable size), not prevail; fitted with light bulbs, glass or back cover. Powers on for trial. The product is powered on for the first time, there will be three successive light, normal, but normal daylight or strong light will not light, dark at night when lights automatically. During the day, with black cloth tightly infrared probe lens, after ten seconds (don't let their transmission) could also try lights work.

Function: can automatically opened lighting, people left Hou can automatically delay close, put an end to energy of human waste, extended electrical using life and set energy-saving, and convenient security Yu one of function, induction head diameter 21mm, induction distance 0-5M induction angle: 120 ° load: for switch model and set (bulb work voltage: 220V work frequency: 50HZ delay range 0.5min-5min bathroom, and bathroom, and elevator Hall, and,

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