Infrared light when debugging setup considerations

- Sep 21, 2015-

1. debugging the infrared lamp must be carried out at night. At night is like equipment (such as monitors) adjust the infrared beam lighting position. And can effectively adjust the lens aperture setting.

2. infrared lamp is not directly facing the camera, cameras can see infrared light as well as humans see daylight will make images appear reversed.

3. infrared lamp may not be installed in the same location as the camera if the camera far from illuminated objects could be considered between the infrared lamp is installed in. Infrared light is installed with the location best way overlap with the camera set up.

4. the infra-red lamp mounting height should not exceed 4 meters, too high can affect the reflectivity of light. Angle angle 20 degrees from top to bottom, it is better to angle reflectance decreases.

5. it is important to protect the infra-red lamp indicator (see product manual), such as infrared light power supply power must be higher than the power of the infrared light itself.

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