Infrared PIR switch features

- Sep 21, 2015-

1. thermal infrared detection is the use of advanced sensor technology, different from the voice-activated, traditional common-touch technology, highly sensitive, anti-jamming, silent, fast response, long sensing distance, the product itself is not issuing any type of radiation, device power consumption is very small, imperceptibly and low prices.

2. automatic: people switch immediately switch on, who left delay automatic shut down.

3. the contactless electronic switch: switch on the load moment is usually no great impulse current, you can extend the life of load. contactless switch no spark.

4. automatic metering: the light intensity without sensors (factory settings), with photographic adjustment (can be adjusted both in any light induction or all-day induction).

5. automatic random delay (continuous time delay): activities in the induction range, switch always switched on, until people leave after shut down automatically.

6. delay mode (optional). delay time can be adjusted (according to customer requirements).

7. ultra-low power consumption: switching itself power <0.016W/h (year electricity < 0.14), more power than other brands of similar products ...

8. lightning feature: special lightning protection device, which can effectively prevent damage caused by lightning and other transient high pressure on the switch.

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