Introduction to infrared light and simple selection

- Sep 21, 2015-

1. infra-red lamp Red Storm: Red Storm refers to the infrared lamp has a visible red light, Red Storm and Vice-free.

2. explosion-proof IR lamp: the external damage of high strength material protection of infrared light.

3. influence of infrared light wavelengths of infrared light: wavelengths longer, less red storm, even can reach without the Red Storm, however, lower the efficiency of the infrared light, infra-red light fever was higher.

4. selection of infrared light: the most important thing is set, camera, lens and hood, power supply and other packages.

5. camera selection: can't use with ordinary color camera, it can't feel the infrared lamp, select black and white cameras or special color camera (automatic infrared sensors, automatic conversion of color in black and white). Camera has automatic electronic shutter function, AGC automatic gain control function, automatic aperture lens, to changes in day and night illumination, infrared lamp voltage, there are strict requirements should be AC 24V or one of DC power supply, outdoor light is complicated, and larger outside than it is inside to use irradiation distance would be better.

6. in addition to supporting, but also take into account the following factors:

A) infrared lamp, leaving room in the selected infrared light irradiation distance.

B) shields had an impact on the effectiveness of infrared light, infrared light in the process of transmission, through different media, transmittance and reflectance are different. Different window glass, especially the automatic defrost coated glass, attenuation of infrared light are different. In addition there may be reflecting infrared, image is white or light.

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