Sensor lights have a wide range of functionality

- Sep 21, 2015-

LED sensor light is not an ordinary switch, switch by induction. Induction lamp there are many, there are families with some relatively small sensor lights, these sensor lights is to use voice-activated. Billboards in many stores, there are also belong to the sensor lights, and this sensor light is not voice-activated, but light.

Voice-activated LED sensor lights tend to be more compact, suitable for home use. And these sensor lights are usually made of a very cute look, lighting generally is warm yellow, it looks very warm, loving. And this voice-activated lights is not a cruise power, electricity consumption is low, can play a role in lighting, but also can save a lot of electricity, can be said to be at home. Using large sensor lights outside, through the intelligent high-tech optical control, that is, according to the different light, sensor lights to automatically switch, when the light is Dim when lights up, when the light will automatically turn off. Use this lamp can save people a lot of time and also to avoid forgetting to turn on the light caused some problems.

Sensor light is MCU circuit design made of imported technology, active infra-red work, has good stability, strong anti-jamming characteristics such as with IR decoding method, widely used in demanding commercial and industrial applications.

Sensor light is actually an automatic switch control circuit, various types of switch is closed (the lights) "voice", "trigger", "sensors", "light", disconnect the basically the same way, by a delay circuit (disconnect automatically after a period of time). If you are interested, you can look at some: push type----there are capacitors, thin, a force will cause a change in voltage and resistance, is known as pressure-sensitive capacitors, amplifier amplifier voltage change, connecting timing circuits with relays. Touch-trigger----electrical conduction, buttons are metal, sending a weak current through you (conductor) and the Earth form a pathway, so light. Automatic human infra-red sensor switch scope this product is suitable for corridors, corridor, warehouses, garages, basements, bathrooms and other places have automatic lighting and ventilation purposes. Real intelligent building and management modernization.

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