Test method for infrared lamps

- Sep 21, 2015-

Illumination area: the irradiation distance infrared lamps do not have national standards, exposure to assess its quality is generally zebras to calculate the distance. With an infra-red lamp night vision systems in different distance in the truth. Therefore, the distance must be individually targeted for testing and evaluation.

Test conditions: ambient illumination is less than 0.001lux, (average 550 nm), visibility greater than 10 Km.

Test equipment: a F=1.5~2.0 lens. Low light black and white video camera an (0.1Lux). Zebra plate of one meter. Power supply, the display device

Test method: adjusting camera monitoring system, and then turn on the infrared light, Zebra 10m positive exposure, after adjusting clear image, the Zebra plate is moved until the Zebra so far out of sight. At this point the camera to X0.6 Zebra plate distance is the distance of the infra-red lamp Kit.

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