Aluminum Foil Rapid Development

- Jul 03, 2017-

Aluminum Foil With the rapid development of China's economy, aluminum foil in the food, cigarettes, drugs, household goods, capacitor materials, insulation materials, print and other industries increasingly widely used, can most effectively play the characteristics of aluminum foil, Aluminum Foil aluminum foil is the largest area of consumption As a packaging material. Aluminum foil with moisture, airtight, shading, non-toxic and tasteless, and has a special silver luster. The aluminum foil and plastic and / or paper composite, Aluminum Foil prepared into a bag-type flexible packaging containers, the aluminum foil shielding and paper strength, plastic heat sealing together, so that the packaging is well protected while the packaging has A beautiful appearance, greatly broadening the application of aluminum foil market, favored by consumers. China's production of aluminum foil more and more enterprises, Aluminum Foil the level of production technology has also been improved in 2015 China's aluminum foil production capacity of nearly 400 million t, the output of more than 3 million t, has become the world's largest producer of aluminum foil. Aluminum Foil Aluminum foil production process is long, high quality requirements, in the production process will produce a variety of defects, some defects will affect the customer to use, and some defects will lead to production can not be normal. Aluminum Foil For example, in the aluminum foil production process produced by the black strip defects will seriously affect the normal production of aluminum foil, aluminum foil coated with color, the defects were particularly evident for the packaging materials, color printing will appear when the obvious color, black line Etc., affect the use of customers. Aluminum Foil This paper discusses the possible causes of aluminum foil black bar defects of the various reasons, and through analytical means to determine the key, to develop targeted solutions to guide the production of quality control.

Through the analysis of the causes of the black strip on the surface of the double-zero aluminum foil, it is concluded that the black strip defect is mainly caused by the oxidation of the aluminum foil surface and the sludge residue. Through the implementation of rolling mill cleaning, Aluminum Foil blank surface quality control, can effectively reduce the double zero foil black strip corrosion defects. The quality of aluminum foil production process is through the effective implementation of the system to ensure that through a quality problem processing, identify problems and develop effective preventive measures, is the fundamental solution to the problem.

It is mainly caused by the roll of aluminum foil defects, divided into points, lines, three kinds of surface. The most notable features appear in three cycles. Aluminum Foil The main causes of this defect are: improper grinding of the roll; foreign objects damage roll: incoming defect printing roll; roll fatigue; roll collision, slipping and so on. All the factors that can cause the roll surface damage can be harmful to the rolling of aluminum foil. Because aluminum foil rolling roller surface finish is very high, Aluminum Foil slight uneven gloss will also affect its surface state. Regular cleaning of the rolling mill to keep the mill clean, to ensure that the normal operation of the roller, regular roll, reasonable grinding, aluminum foil is to ensure uniform surface after the basic conditions.

(3) wrinkle. Due to the serious bad plate shape, wrinkles are formed when the aluminum foil is wound or unfolded, which is inherently insufficient to draw the foil surface. For the tension of 20MPa device, the foil surface plate shape shall not be greater than 30I, when more than 30I, Aluminum Foil must wrinkle. As the rolling aluminum foil is often subjected to greater tension than the subsequent processing, Aluminum Foil some in the rolling only showed bad shape, including the roll grinding is not correct, roller type is not right, bad incoming board and adjust the shape is not correct.

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