Analysis On The Principle Of Human Body Induction Lamps

- Sep 21, 2015-

If you carefully observe the human body induction lamps installed in your home, you will find the human body induction lamps have the following functions that are not traditional lamps:

When the person is close to the human body induction lamps or under the sensor light activity, human body induction lamps automatically to initiate and sustain permanent;

When people leave the human body induction lamps induction range, within 60 seconds of human body induction lamps will switch off automatically;

Or during the day when the light, human body induction lamps are in the closed position. According to these features of the human body induction lamps, do you think of how human body induction lamps work? Principle of human body induction lamps and how can it be?

Coordination of human body induction lamps work mainly rely on combinations of infrared sensors, light sensors, automatic delay lights installation. First of all control the body sensor light sensor is photosensitive, photosensitive sensor will detect the body sensor light surrounding light intensity. When day or light is abundant, light sensor will automatically delay lights lock infrared sensors and devices, even if some activity in a human body induction lamps, body induction lamps will not start.

When at night or when ambient light to Dim, light sensor will cause the infrared sensors and automatic delay device is in the standby state.

When someone enters the human body induction lamps induction range, infra-red sensors are sensitive to human radiation of infrared to control light start; if they do not leave the induction range, human body induction light constant light. When people leave the induction range, delay device will work automatically, 60 seconds after the control circuit, each module to return to the standby state.

Understand the principles of human body induction lamps, you will know how the module is by coordinating the intelligent automatic induction.

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