Cable Foil Of The Airtight

- Jul 03, 2017-

Cable foil is an aluminum foil composite material, Cable Foil aluminum foil in one or double coated with plastic film, it constitutes an aluminum-plastic composite foil. Cable foil is the use of aluminum foil sealing and shielding principle, wrapped in the signal transmission wire outside, for the cable shield, can play a very good signal shielding effect.

According to the professional production of RVVP shielded cable products, Beijing Sanyao Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., this aluminum foil is usually 1145 grades of industrial pure aluminum manufacturing, continuous casting and rolling, cold rolling, cutting and complete annealing, Cable Foil according to the user Need to be divided into small volume to the cable foil composite plant, in the aluminum foil surface covered with plastic film, cut into a number of small pieces into a coil-like cable factory.

In general, the cable foil on the overall quality of aluminum foil material requirements are not very high, just the surface with less oil, no holes on it. Cable Foil Because the surface quality of aluminum foil is the most important factor affecting the peel strength, the main surface quality problems are oil spots, corrosion, peroxidation and so on. However, the cable foil on the length and mechanical properties of the relatively high demand.

In terms of length, the length of the cable foil is only allowed to be long and not allowed to be short. This requires a careful calculation in the casting blanks, casting billet should be kept as much as possible in the length of the customer demand 10 times or 12 times, Cable Foil plus an additional 3% of the error; in terms of mechanical properties, that is, Communication cable industry on the cable foil standard set is not high, but most customers require the cable foil strength greater than 70MPa or 80MPa. In this regard, Beijing Sanyao company explained that the customer is so considered the main reason is to prevent the plastic film, especially when the cable winding around the fracture. Because the plastic film after the cut into a number of small strips, the narrowest of 12mm, Cable Foil cutting may occur when the slight crack or burr, when used to tension with the winding, Cable Foil a slight flaw will be due to stress concentration and fracture The

Cable foil in the production process of quality control is a systematic project, each process, each operator must be strictly audited, each batch of raw and auxiliary materials into the factory acceptance, storage and use are also subject to quality inspection The Recently, more and more enterprises began to get involved in the cable aluminum foil industry, the market increasingly fierce competition, Cable Foil enterprises only insist on ensuring product quality and improve the yield, in order to win the development of space.

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