Common Reasons To Cause Damage To The Led Sensor Light

- Sep 21, 2015-

According to our experience, led sensor lights burned most of the Poles after a short circuit, a few are circuit breakers. Each of the led sensor light about mercy 3.2V of pressure drop, after it burned down this led sensor light will not glow if circuit breaker. Short circuit if the voltage is transferred to the other led sensor lights, constitute a more current led sensor light, led sensor lights burned more quickly, and emergency power supply. Was little damaged extremely simple pose big trouble. Led sensor lights are often installed at high levels, installation time easy, to repair more difficult. Led sensor light is the actual need of protection, but is not currently being focused on, lots of people can not no way to dispose of the problem.

1, lamp in the temperature is too high, get led sensor lights go bad.

2, inside the lamp into the water, water is electrically conductive.

3, at install time are not doing static operation, the led sensor lights inside have been static electricity damage. Imposed by the normal voltage and current values, is also very easy to form led sensor light damage.

4, supply voltage suddenly increased. Power supply voltage suddenly increased on many causes, such as power quality problems, or the user's inappropriate use of reason can make power supply voltage suddenly increased.

5, a component in a line or printed lines or led other wire short circuit and short circuit sensor lights power supply part of the pathway, increasing the voltage of this place.

6, a led sensor light due to their mass causes damage and therefore form a short circuit, its voltage drop it onto other led sensor lights up.

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