Copper Foil Rapid Development

- Jul 03, 2017-

Copper Foil Electrolytic copper foil is an important material made of CCL and printed circuit board (PCB). In today's rapid development of electronic information industry, electrolytic copper foil is called electronic products signal and power transmission, communication "neural network". Copper Foil Since 2002, China's printed circuit board production value has entered the world's third, as the PCB substrate material --- CCL has become the world's third largest producer. Which also makes China's electrolytic copper industry in recent years has been rapid development.

CCL and PCB are the most widely used areas of copper foil, copper foil and impregnated resin adhesive sheet first hot pressed into copper clad laminate, Copper Foil it is used to make printed circuit boards, PCB has become the vast majority of electronic products To the circuit interconnect to the indispensable main components. Copper foil has now become the electronic machine products in the support, the role of interconnect components PCB key material. It is compared to the electronic product signal with the power transmission, communication "neural network". Since the 1990s, the development of IT product technology has promoted the development of PCB in the direction of multi-layer, thin, high density and high speed. It also requires the development of new technology in the new era of copper foil with high performance, high Quality, high reliability. At present, Copper Foil applied to CCL and PCB industry is the vast majority of electrolytic copper foil.

According to the working principle and structure of lithium-ion battery design, graphite and petroleum coke and other negative materials to be coated on the conductive current collector. Copper foil as a result of good conductivity, texture is soft, more mature manufacturing technology, Copper Foil the price is relatively low and so on, a lithium-ion battery anode current collector preferred. Copper foil in the lithium-ion battery both as the anode active material carrier, but also acts as a negative electron collector and conductor. Lithium-ion battery in the early stages of development, as the cathode electrode collector for the copper foil. Copper Foil However, since the lithium-ion battery has a high price for calendering and the negative electrode of the active material is coated, the workability in the manufacturing process such as drying and rolling is poor, and wrinkles are likely to occur. Copper Foil At the same time, the rolling copper foil manufacturing process is complex, long process, low production efficiency and other defects. In recent years, with the electrolytic copper foil physical, chemical, mechanical and metallurgical properties such as the increase, as well as easy production operations, high productivity, Copper Foil relatively inexpensive price advantage, the use of high-performance electrolytic copper foil instead of rolling copper The actual production of the battery can be applied. At present, most domestic and foreign lithium-ion battery manufacturers are made of electrolytic copper foil for the battery anode current collector.

The copper foil is made by copper smelting into copper plate, and then the copper plate is repeatedly rolled into the original foil, Copper Foil and then according to the requirements of the original foil roughening treatment, heat treatment and anti-oxidation treatment and a series of surface treatment. Copper Foil As the calendering of copper foil by the processing process constraints, Copper Foil the width of copper foil is difficult to meet the rigid CCL and lithium-ion battery negative pole of the production requirements, in addition to rolling copper thermal stability and poor operability also limits its lithium ion Secondary battery industry applications.

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