Human Body Induction Switch City Life Better

- Sep 21, 2015-

Smart home applications involved in very broad, is closely related to our life, and needs of the smart home with shopping malls, the answer, step by step, and more all integrated into our lives. Smart home feature is network, with all systems, are able to directly link the function, use simple, convenient, and reduce the cost. In order to satisfy the individual needs, smart home system functions can be freely combined in order to meet the requirements of different families.

Human displacement sensor switches the built-in Pyroelectric infrared exploration, when exploration activities within the scale immediately turn on the light, when the scale out of exploration or motionless start time, delay half a minute to turn off the lights: If someone moved within half a minute it will start timing, extended half a minute to turn off the lights.

Skills active infrared PIR switch based on infrared controlled commodities, high sensitivity, high reliability, widely used in various types of active induction electrical equipment. It is integral to the smart home system. People to light, active delay shut in place is the main function of the switch. It can load the light bulb, exhaust fans, exhaust fans. Sensor surface using hard lens, not easily crushed.

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