Intelligent Analysis System And Infrared Body Sensing Socket

- Sep 21, 2015-

With with security of intelligent of, and digital, and network, dynamic PTZ automatically monitoring system (with network function) will is future must of needs, in variety monitoring way integration of big platform in, if has better of network resources, dynamic PTZ automatically monitoring system is is will intelligent analysis function and high-speed ball concentrated management, and remote automatically monitoring function best of combined, is future monitoring development of direction.

In domestic, intelligent analysis system also will increasingly mature, to achieved 24/7 clock monitoring, monitoring system in the often will encountered light insufficient or completely no light situation Xia of bad monitoring environment; this when, need has addition of auxiliary lighting lamp to completed whole system of design, as YSST array column type 850nm, and 940nm of infrared lamp; camera Board Shang of photoelectric coupled devices CCD in night absorption to has enough more of light Hou, can help intelligent analysis system software for effective and accurate of analysis, as people /Traffic load (traffic), intrusion detection (domestic), item loss detection (Exhibition Hall), and so on.

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