Intelligent IR Illuminator Easy To Apply

- Aug 10, 2017-

High brightness. Obviously, the higher the brightness, Intelligent IR Illuminator the farther the light irradiation, a single LED output light power is generally 5--15mw, although can increase the current to improve brightness, but the limitations of the material itself, infrared photoelectric conversion efficiency is not high, only 20% of the light, the remaining 80% is thermal energy. Therefore, Intelligent IR Illuminator to improve the brightness at the same time, but also produced more heat, on the operating temperature requirements of the camera critical device CCD, Intelligent IR Illuminator obviously is not feasible. In addition, multiple led multiple combinations are PCB board as the carrier, heat dissipation performance is not good. and array infrared camera light source, through the dozens of high efficiency and high-power crystal element through High-tech packaging in a plane, Intelligent IR Illuminator the configuration of a good heat conduction device. At the same time increase its photoelectric conversion efficiency, brightness is about 100 times times of a single LED.

Small size. As mentioned earlier, array infrared uses a high integration of advanced packaging technology, a package of dozens of of crystal array infrared chip, Intelligent IR Illuminator just fingernails size, imagine, the dozens of single led together in the volume will be what? Small volume is the most important is easy to use, Intelligent IR Illuminator if dozens of single led combination of infrared light installation of high-speed ball machine, the effect is conceivable.

Long life: The audience can reach 5 years ago keenly aware of the field of night vision monitoring technology has difficult to break the bottleneck, so focus on a large number of research and development efforts, focus on night vision monitoring field research and development. Finally studied the array infrared technology, the entire series of products have independent patented technology and intellectual property rights, Intelligent IR Illuminator to ensure a good working condition of CCD, its service life is a common led infrared camera 9 times times. Ordinary led infrared camera will led light-emitting tube and camera in a cavity, and the heat of the LED tube can not be effectively distributed through the PCB board, the temperature problem seriously restricts the service life of CCD. Ordinary led infrared camera in the use of 3 months, it began to appear signs of aging, blurred picture, white, Intelligent IR Illuminator the lack of contrast and so on, directly affecting the use of products, or even the entire camera scrapped.

High efficiency: determined by the characteristics of the semiconductor itself, its luminous efficiency and heat dissipation performance is a benign cycle. The better the heat dissipation performance, the lower the working temperature, the lower the working temperature and the better the luminous efficiency. Conversely, Intelligent IR Illuminator it is the vicious circle of diminishing efficiency. In addition, our power supply system uses the patented high frequency sharp pulse electricity supply, guaranteed obtains the higher efficiency.

Light evenly: As we all know, each ordinary IR led has a sphere in front, is an independent optical design, used to change the size of the spot. When a number of infrared LED combination in the camera lens around, the emitted light is a plurality of overlapping components, the overlap will be particularly high brightness, Intelligent IR Illuminator but also form a circle, that is, "flashlight effect", night vision screen effect of course is uneven. and the array infrared camera is equivalent to a large point light source, Intelligent IR Illuminator through special optical design, so that the light irradiation evenly monitored objects, the resulting monitoring screen of the middle and ambient brightness is consistent.

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