Intelligent IR Illuminator Energy Conservation

- Jun 06, 2017-

Intelligent IR Illuminator In recent years, many countries in the world are advocating energy conservation activities. As a developing country with a lack of energy per capita, the energy consumption level of unit products is much higher than that of the world average. At present, many public facilities, such as bus station billboards, indoor lighting systems and air-conditioning systems can not be closed unattended, Intelligent IR Illuminator low degree of automation, energy waste is extremely serious. With the development of passive infrared detection technology, many products rely on this technology, such as burglar alarm, lighting system, monitoring device and so on. These products have some deficiencies, such as equipment sensitivity is not high, false positives reported serious phenomenon. Pyroelectric infrared (RIP) sensor is a new type of high sensitivity detection element developed in the in the 1980 of the 20th century. It can detect the infrared energy change of human body radiation in non-contact form, and turn it into voltage signal output, Intelligent IR Illuminator if at the same time it has low price, the technology will amplify the voltage signal, can drive various control circuits.

To the electrical signal, thus triggering the switching circuit working state. Infrared sensor detection wavelength range is $number μ m, the human body radiation peak infrared wavelength of about 10 μm, just within the range. The sensor comprises two pyroelectric elements in series or parallel. Intelligent IR Illuminator In addition, the two electrodes were made in the opposite direction, and the ambient background radiation had almost the same effect on two pyroelectric, which made the release effect cancel each other so the detector has no signal output, once the human body into the detection area, the body infrared radiation through the focus of some of the mirror, which is received by pyroelectric Yuan, but the two pyroelectric yuan received different heat, Intelligent IR Illuminator pyroelectric also different, can not be offset by signal processing and alarm.

(3) The working principle of lamp control circuit

1. The structure and working principle of intelligent infrared light control switch

The main devices of the Intelligent Infrared light control switch device are passive infrared detection device and switch delay circuit. Among them, the passive infrared detection device's main role is to detect the existence of the human body, so as to emit control pulse current, control the operating state of the switching circuit; The main function of the switch circuit is to control the switch of the lamp, Intelligent IR Illuminator and the opening time is controlled by the adjustable delay circuit.

(1) Light control switch structure intelligent infrared lamp control switch mainly by passive infrared detection device, signal processing and lamp control circuit and other parts of the composition

Passive infrared detection circuit: sensor BH Detection of the human body emitted by the micro-infrared, sensor BH internal pyroelectric induction to the temperature changes, as a strong dielectric of the pyroelectric element spontaneous polarization, and the release of electric charge, Intelligent IR Illuminator in the parallel Element (resistance) on the electrical signal changes. By amplifying the field-effect tube arranged inside BH, a certain amplitude of the electric pulse can be output, and its pulse frequency is generally 0. 5-1 (This is the most sensitive frequency range of BH).

Signal processing circuit: By resistance R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, RP1, capacitor C1, C2, C4, C5, transistor Q1, Q2, integrated block Ic1 composition. The point pulse is C1 coupled into the preamplifier Q1, the preset signal is removed from the Q1 collector, the high stability is amplified, then the Shan foot is coupled to the IC1 of the OP amplifier, and two times the low noise and the output voltage of the IC1 pin are carried out. The IC2 amplifier is a voltage comparator, and the RP is the reference voltage pressure distributor. When the IC1 Shan foot output voltage is higher than the IC3 reference voltage, the IC2 also outputs the amplified high level pulse, which leads to the transistor R6 conduction through the Q2 limit flow. Capacitance C2 and C5 constitute low-pass filters to eliminate interference pulses. PTC is a thermistor with a positive temperature coefficient, Intelligent IR Illuminator because the sensor BH only for the relative heat sensitivity, in the summer due to high temperature, will cause the body heat (constant) and temperature (variable) difference significantly reduced, the sensitivity of BH is decreased, while the resistance of PTC is increased with the increase of temperature, which leads to the decrease of the feedback quantity, which increases the gain of the amplifier circuit, and compensates the defect of the sensitivity decrease of BH to the temperature rise.

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