Intelligent IR Illuminator Energy Saving Features

- Oct 27, 2017-

Passive infrared technology through the response to a variety of infrared energy sources, such as moving the human body, to detect the existence of personnel. Intelligent IR Illuminator The sensor distinguishes the difference between the energy source and the background space to determine the location of the person and send the signal to open the lighting facility. The straight line of sight of the passive infrared sensor must be centered around the entire active area.

The sensor detects the difference between the amount of radiant heat in the human body and the background space, requiring a clear straight line or barrier-free field of view to detect the movement and to achieve accurate cutting. Passive infrared technology is the most effective way to detect the main movement (ie, walking), Intelligent IR Illuminator the best way to detect motion over the sensor position.

Daylight night camera can use a certain proportion of infrared light bimodal filter, the advantage is low cost, but because the natural light contains more infrared components, Intelligent IR Illuminator when it enters the CCD will interfere with color reproduction, such as green Plants become gray, red clothes into gray green and so on (with sunshine outdoor environment is particularly evident). At night due to the role of bimodal filter filter, so that CCD can not take full advantage of all the light, Intelligent IR Illuminator the low performance is difficult to satisfactory.

The use of dual filters effectively solve the problem of bimodal filters. The dual filter is composed of an infrared cut-off filter and a full-spectrum optical glass. Intelligent IR Illuminator When the daytime light is full, Intelligent IR Illuminator the IR cut-off filter works, and the CCD returns the true color. When the nighttime light is low, the infrared cutoff filter is automatically Remove the full-spectrum optical glass to start working so that the CCD takes full advantage of all the light, thus greatly improving the low-light performance.

Infrared light, is the night vision monitoring infrared light short, is with the surveillance camera, at night to collect images of light-filled appliances. Infrared light emitted by the light, the wavelength of 850nm and 940nm2 species, are invisible light, with hidden, energy-saving features, Intelligent IR Illuminator nearly 10 years in the field of security monitoring has been widely used.

1, LED light-emitting diode: the most widely used, cost-effective, monitoring distance of 150 meters within the effect is better. In the case of

2, laser infrared light: the farthest distance, you can reach more than 200-2000 meters, but the light angle is small.

The initial exposure to the ICR filter is used on a home surveillance camera, Intelligent IR Illuminator and a pure home network surveillance camera is suitable for mounting ICR filters. Different from the infrared LED lights, need to choose according to the irradiation distance of different stars, the more the number of natural front-end camera volume is greater. Home camera small size, Intelligent IR Illuminator the filter space is not large, and there is no need for a large number of.

The dual filter provides high-definition images during the day, one of which is an infrared cut-off or absorption filter, and the other is a full-spectrum filter. When the nighttime light is low, the infrared cut-off / absorptive filter is automatically removed, Intelligent IR Illuminator and the full-pass spectral filter starts to work so that the CCD is fully utilized to all the light , Thus greatly improving the low-light performance.

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