Intelligent IR Illuminator Good Monitoring Effect

- May 18, 2017-

Intelligent IR Illuminator The domestic use of infrared lamp as a monitoring light-up has been more than 10 years of history. Infrared camera technology is divided into passive infrared camera technology and active infrared camera technology. In the night vision system often adopts the active infrared camera technology, namely adopts infrared radiation "illumination", produces the person invisible and the ordinary camera can catch the infrared light, radiation "illumination" scenery and environment. At night monitoring, the choice of the use of appropriate infrared lamps to achieve good monitoring results.

The most important problem of IR lamp Intelligent IR Illuminator selection is the complete set of the infrared lamp and camera, lens, shield, power supply and so on. In the design of the design of the comprehensive consideration of all equipment, as an infrared low-illumination night vision monitoring system engineering to consider the design. Some people buy the camera, lens, shield, power after even installation to consider purchasing an infrared lamp, which is incorrect, in the consideration of the complete set, special attention to the following questions:

I. Requirements for cameras

CCD image sensor has a wide range of photosensitive spectrum, its photosensitive spectrum not only includes visible area, but also extends to infrared region, Intelligent IR Illuminator using this feature, can be used in the night without visible light illumination, with auxiliary infrared light source illumination also can make CCD image sensor clear imaging. In order to transmit the color signal, the normal color camera separates the three primary color video signal from the output signal of the CCD device, and then synthesizes the color TV signal, its photosensitive spectrum is only in the visible area.

As the technology progresses in the daytime color/night black and white cameras, it uses two CCD to switch or use a digital circuit to switch to achieve, Intelligent IR Illuminator but there is a high black and white illuminance, some of the negative impact of color color. Infrared low illumination color cameras are more than 4 times times higher than the average camera, and as the cost decreases, it will become a trend.

Second, the selection of low-illuminance cameras will greatly improve night vision effect

The minimum illumination of the camera is the brightness value of the scenery when the brightness of the scene is low to a certain extent, so that the video signal level of the camera output Intelligent IR Illuminator is low to a certain value. When determining this parameter, you should also specify the size of the lens's aperture F.

For example, using the F1.2 lens, when the illuminance value of the photography scenery is low to 0.02Lux, the video signal amplitude of the camera output is 50%-33% of the standard amplitude of 700mv, which is called the minimum illuminance of the camera 0.02Lux/F1.2. Some camera manufacturers give a minimum illuminance at different aperture F. When the minimum illumination of the camera is higher than the IR lamp, the Intelligent IR Illuminator effective distance of the IR lamp will be affected. Users should be reminded that the market on the sale of cameras technical performance marked the lowest illumination of two abnormal conditions,Intelligent IR Illuminator one is the camera manufacturer's minimum illuminance is the so-called target surface illumination, that is, CCD image sensor illumination, it is 10 times times lower than the illumination of the scenery, and the other is the individual camera manufacturers or vendors to falsify the minimum illuminance. At present the market Intelligent IR Illuminator compares economical black-and-white camera, some lowest illuminance mark is 0.01~0.02lux, their actual minimum illuminance is only 0.1~0.2Lux, if the use of the infrared lamp requires the camera's minimum illuminance of 0.02Lux, the infrared lamp must affect the effective irradiation distance, and purchase the lowest illuminance 0.02Lux cameras, the price may be at least 1 time times higher than the 0.1~0.2Lux camera.

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