Intelligent IR Illuminator High Reliability

- Jul 12, 2017-

Infrared remote control is one of the most widely used communication and control means. Intelligent IR Illuminator It is widely used in household appliances, Intelligent IR Illuminator industrial control and industrial control because of its simple structure, small size, low power consumption, strong anti-interference ability, Intelligent IR Illuminator high reliability and low cost. Intelligent instrument system. However, most of the remote control on the market are designed for each specific remote control object, can not be directly applied to the common intelligent instrument development and more general control of the occasion. Under normal circumstances, Intelligent IR Illuminator the general family used by the TV, air conditioning, VCD / DVD and other household appliances are using infrared remote control, and these infrared remote control are designed for their respective products, resulting in a number of families in the general Remote control, then, whether the function of these remote control reuse, Intelligent IR Illuminator thereby reducing the number of remote control, so that the function of the remote control is more powerful, it is very necessary.

Power switches are widely used in homes, factories, Intelligent IR Illuminator warehouses, and offices. The traditional mechanical power switch has large contact resistance, easy wear, low reliability and short life and other shortcomings, especially when the remote control of household appliances in many cases, if you can use these remote control design switch instead of the traditional machinery Type power switch, Intelligent IR Illuminator not only save the cost, but also easy to operate. Use the TV and other household appliances remote control switch operation, installation and replacement are very convenient, you can use it to replace the home is very popular in the wall switch, Intelligent IR Illuminator thereby improving the remote control in the field of home appliances practical value.

Intelligent infrared remote control switch function is a common household appliances remote control, such as TV, VCD / DVD, by the user arbitrarily specify a button as the infrared remote control switch control keys. Intelligent IR Illuminator When used, the user presses the "learn" button of the intelligent infrared remote control switch, Intelligent IR Illuminator and then aligns with the infrared receiver of the remote control switch Press this switch control button specified on the remote control, and the infrared coded signal from the remote controller is received by the infrared receiver , Intelligent IR Illuminator And then through the zoom plastic, input to the microcontroller, the microcontroller through the built-in E2PROM remember the remote control of the specified button encoding. Then, when the user next use, Intelligent IR Illuminator when the remote control by pressing the designated button, the infrared encoded signal issued by the same infrared receiver, amplified after the input to the microcontroller, issued by the microcontroller control signal control switch control module Inside the relay on and off, and then control the output voltage on and off.

In order to ensure a variety of electrical appliances to achieve remote control switch, Intelligent IR Illuminator then the control signal must be stable and safe. To this end, in the transmission process to make the communication between the modules strong enough, which requires the circuit power supply can be independent of the various parts of the circuit power supply. Intelligent IR Illuminator Therefore, the infrared remote control switch must also have a step-down power supply module.

The hardware circuit design includes the design of the power supply circuit and the design of the decoding circuit in two parts. Power supply circuit is designed to provide power for the decoding circuit, in addition to requiring voltage stability, Intelligent IR Illuminator but also requires its small size, low cost. The decoding circuit requires that the infrared code be reliably received, while the switch of the relay can be stably controlled.

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