Intelligent IR Illuminator The Advantages

- Aug 17, 2017-

    The type of infrared camera is the infrared light for the LEDIRArray kernel. LEDArray is a light-emitting diode array, is efficient and lonely infrared night vision equipment, LED array (LEDArray) has developed a third generation of products, the effect and quality far beyond the traditional infrared light next-generation array infrared night vision system. The advantages of intelligent infrared light

1, high brightness Obviously, the higher the brightness, the farther the light irradiation distance, a single LED output optical power is generally 5--15mW, although you can increase the current to increase the brightness, but the limitations of the material itself is the infrared photoelectric conversion Efficiency is not high, only 20% of the light, the remaining 80% is the heat. Therefore, to improve the brightness at the same time, also produced more heat, the working temperature requirements of the camera's key device CCD, it is obviously not feasible. In addition, multiple LED multiple combinations of PCB board as the carrier, poor heat performance. The array of infrared camera light source, by dozens of high efficiency and high power of the wafer through a high-tech package in a plane, equipped with a good thermal device. While increasing its photoelectric conversion efficiency, brightness is about 100 times a single LED.

2, small size. As mentioned earlier, array infrared using a highly integrated advanced packaging technology, a package of dozens of wafer array of infrared chips, just nail cover size, imagine, dozens of individual LED combination of the volume will be What is it like? Small size is the most important application, if the use of dozens of single LED combination of infrared light source installed on the high-speed dome, the effect can be imagined.

3, long life: the public can reach five years ago, keenly feel the field of night vision monitoring technology is difficult to break through the bottleneck, so focus on a lot of research and development efforts, focusing on night vision monitoring research and development. And finally studied the array of infrared technology, a full range of products with independent patented technology and intellectual property rights, to ensure a good working condition of the CCD, its life is ordinary LED infrared camera 9 times. Ordinary LED infrared camera LED tube and the camera placed in a cavity, and LED tube heat can not be effectively distributed through the PCB board, the temperature problem seriously restricts the life of the CCD. Ordinary LED infrared camera in the use of 3 months later, they began to appear signs of aging, blurred images, white, lack of contrast and so the problem, a direct impact on the use of products, and even the entire camera scrapped.

4, high efficiency: the characteristics of the semiconductor itself by the decision, its luminous efficiency and thermal performance is a virtuous circle. The better the thermal performance, then the lower the operating temperature, low operating temperature and better protection of its luminous efficiency. On the contrary, it is into the vicious cycle of diminishing efficiency. In addition, our power supply system uses independent patented high frequency spike power supply to ensure higher efficiency.

5, light uniform: As we all know, each ordinary infrared LED in front of a spherical, is a separate optical design, used to change the size of the spot. When a number of infrared LED combination in the camera lens around, the light emitted is a number of light spots overlap, overlapping parts will be particularly high brightness, but also the formation of a circle, that is, "flashlight effect", night vision Is not uniform. The array of infrared cameras is equivalent to a large point light source, through a special optical design, making the light uniform exposure of objects being monitored, the resulting monitoring screen in the middle and the surrounding brightness is consistent.

6. Long life: LED (diode) life of 6,000 hours (effective life of 1,200 hours), and LEDArray (diode array) life of 50,000 hours (effective life of 10, 000 hours), if the use of infrared light 7-8 hours per day, LED (diode tube) can be effectively used for about six months and LEDArray (diode tube array) can be used for about 4-5 years.

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