IR Illuminator Clear Image

- Oct 27, 2017-

Domestic use of infrared light as a monitoring fill light has been 10 years of history. Infrared camera technology is divided into passive infrared camera technology and active infrared camera technology. IR Illuminator In the night vision system often use active infrared camera technology, IR Illuminator that is, the use of infrared radiation "lighting", resulting in the human eye can not see the ordinary camera can capture the infrared light, radiation "lighting" scene and the environment. Night monitoring, choose to use the appropriate infrared light to get a good monitoring effect.

The most important problem with the selection of infrared light is complete sets of properties such as infrared light and camera, lens, protective cover, IR Illuminator power supply and so on. In the design of all equipment when considering the design, as an infrared low-light night vision monitoring system engineering to consider the design.

CCD image sensor has a wide range of the photorefractive spectrum, the photoreceptor spectrum not only includes the visible area, but also extended to the infrared area, IR Illuminator the use of this feature can be no visible light at night, with the auxiliary infrared light source can also make CCD image sensor Clear image. In order to transmit the color signal, the ordinary color camera separates the green and blue primary color video signals from the output signal of the CCD device, and then synthesizes the color television signal, IR Illuminator and its photoreceptor spectrum is only in the visible area.

With the progress of technology during the daytime color / night black and white camera, it uses two CCD to switch or use a CCD to use digital circuit switching to achieve, but there are high black and white illumination, and some adverse effects on color color and other shortcomings. IR Illuminator The infrared low-light color camera infrared sensitivity than the average camera more than 4 times, with the cost reduction, will become the development trend.

TV monitoring system front-end equipment power supply to consider the design. Infrared lamp power supply, taking into account the working current of the infrared tube is very sensitive to the supply voltage, and the cable length of different DC voltage attenuation is different. IR Illuminator When the distance between the infrared light and the control room is large, the DC12V centralized power supply may make the infrared lamp supply voltage close to the control room high, and the supply voltage of the infrared lamp far from the control room is low. Coupled with the deviation of the power supply voltage adjustment, may cause the voltage is too high infrared lamp life is shortened or even burned, low voltage infrared light emission power is insufficient. IR Illuminator So it is recommended to use AC22V power supply or with a one-to-one DC power supply, the DC power supply in the grid voltage fluctuations in the AC100V-245V output DC voltage is stable, to ensure that infrared light infrared radiation power are Is stable and reliable.

The effect of the protective cover on the infrared light is also affected, infrared light in the transmission process, through different media, IR Illuminator transmittance and reflectivity are also different. Different windows, especially automatic defrosting coated glass, are different for infrared light attenuation.

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