IR Illuminator Effect

- Aug 02, 2017-

Infrared light in the installation, IR Illuminator commissioning, you must carefully browse the product manual, because the technical parameters of different manufacturers are different, IR Illuminator can not be taken with power and installation and commissioning of course.

The working current of the infrared tube is very sensitive to the supply voltage, according to the product specification, the use of switching power supply, not to increase their own infrared light supply voltage to increase the infrared light irradiation power, it is likely to cause infrared light burned; Unregulated DC power supply, there may be due to voltage instability, resulting in infrared light is not enough distance, IR Illuminator or because the voltage is too high to burn infrared light;

The use of centralized power supply TV monitoring system, front-end equipment, power supply to scientific design. The DC voltage attenuation is different due to the different cable lengths. IR Illuminator When the distance between the infrared light and the control room is large, the DC12V centralized power supply may make the infrared lamp supply voltage close to the control room high, and the supply voltage of the infrared lamp far from the control room is low. Coupled with the deviation of the power supply voltage adjustment, IR Illuminator may cause the voltage is too high infrared lamp life is shortened or even burned, low voltage infrared light emission power is insufficient. It is recommended to use one-on-one power supply to the infrared light as much as possible.

In addition to supporting, but also taking into account the following factors, IR Illuminator the choice of infrared light, the choice of infrared light irradiation distance leave room.

(1) the camera gives the lowest illumination. What is the concept of the minimum illumination here? The video signal produced by the camera is nominally 1V, the standard value is 0.7V, IR Illuminator and the video signal at the lowest illumination is 1 / 3-1 / 2. So the camera at the lowest illumination of the image, never "as the same day."

(2) the camera at the lowest illumination when the image clarity is measured with a TV signal test card, the black and white stripes, requiring black reflectivity close to 0, IR Illuminator white reflectivity greater than 89.9. And sometimes we do not have such conditions in the field observation, such as: leaves and grassland reflectivity is very low, the contrast is very small, it is not easy to get a clear image.

(3) gives the minimum illumination of the camera at the same time, but also give the required value of aperture F, and zoom lens generally only gives 1: F maximum, that is, IR Illuminator the minimum aperture F (aperture actual size maximum), Ff / D, then D is the set value, f in the focal length of 10 times larger, F becomes very large (that is, the actual size of the aperture becomes very small). Luminous flux will be greatly affected.

(4) The lens aperture F value also changes when using the auto iris lens, automatic gain control, or automatic electronic shutter camera. For example, IR Illuminator there is a scene near the camera, reflected back to the camera, or near the light to the camera, then the camera's sensitivity will be reduced, the size of the auto iris will be small, IR Illuminator the luminous flux will also be greatly affected.

(5) The effect of the protective cover on the infrared light is also affected, infrared light in the transmission process, through different media, transmittance and reflectivity are also different. IR Illuminator Different windows, especially automatic defrosting coated glass, are different for infrared light attenuation.

(6) some equipment manufacturers or sellers, IR Illuminator do not give the infrared light irradiation distance, only gives the number of power, so that the production, the seller may be less trouble, but this is a very vague concept, because the power In addition to the conversion of infrared energy consumption, there are power loss, circuit heat loss, light source heat loss, IR Illuminator filter glass infrared light efficiency and so on.

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