IR Illuminator Good Concealment

- Jul 03, 2017-

IR Illuminator Infrared light is a relatively special way of lighting, IR Illuminator it is the use of the human eye does not feel the near infrared wavelength spectrum to provide lighting, so it has a good concealment, high luminous efficiency advantages.

The spectral characteristics of ordinary color cameras can not feel the infrared light, it can not be used for infrared night vision. The infrared radiation power is proportional to the forward operating current, but when the maximum rating of the forward current is approaching, IR Illuminator the temperature of the device rises due to the heat dissipation of the current, causing the light emission power to decrease.

White light is a new type of green energy-saving lighting, IR Illuminator is a visible light, is a cold light source, widely used in road monitoring project bayonet camera intake of the past bayonet motor license plate auxiliary lighting tools for residential parking entrance camera Record access to motor vehicle grade auxiliary lighting.

Because the camera night in the white light auxiliary lighting situation, the intake of the image is color, it can also be used for enterprises and institutions at the door of the auxiliary lighting camera, IR Illuminator especially suitable for supporting the use of single-color camera.

Infrared light for nighttime concealment or no disturbing monitoring, to do auxiliary lighting to use, and the human eye is not sensitive. Get a black and white image.

The luminous body is composed of an infrared light emitting diode matrix. Infrared emission diode from the infrared radiation efficiency of high materials (commonly used gallium arsenide GaAs) made PN junction, plus forward bias to the PN junction injection current excitation infrared light. Spectral power distribution for the central wavelength of 830 - 950nm, half-peak bandwidth of about 40nm or so, IR Illuminator it is narrowband distribution, IR Illuminator for the ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the range. Its biggest advantage is that there can be no red storm, (using 940--950nm wavelength infrared tube) or only weak red storm (red storm for visible red) and long life.

The emission power of the infrared light emitting diode is expressed by the irradiance μW / m2. In general, the infrared radiation power is proportional to the positive operating current, IR Illuminator but close to the maximum current rating of the current, the device temperature due to the heat of the current rise, the light emission power. Infrared diode current is too small, will affect the radiation power to play, IR Illuminator but the working current is too large will affect its life, and even the infrared diode burned.

When the voltage crosses the forward threshold voltage (about 0.8V or so) the current begins to flow and is a very steep curve, indicating that its operating current is very sensitive to the operating voltage. So the working voltage is accurate and stable, otherwise it will affect the radiation power and its reliability. IR Illuminator The radiated power decreases as the ambient temperature increases (including the ambient temperature generated by its own heat). IR Illuminator Infrared light, especially long-distance infrared light, IR Illuminator heat consumption is the design and selection should pay attention to the problem.

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