IR Illuminator Industry

- Sep 04, 2017-

My company's infrared light products are divided into three categories, general-purpose, economical, common type; to meet the needs of different levels of customers. One of the best quality infrared light products, the best results, the most stable performance.

The white spray lance looks at least, can absorb the sun heat at least, avoid the sun exposure and the temperature is too high; the use of Taiwan tripod, the use of stainless steel shell, Yuan package 14 mil chip LED, the maximum power up to 250mw, the service life of up to 3-5 million hours; aluminum-based circuit board, so that the infrared LED work can be generated when the heat can be evenly through the circuit board to the cast aluminum leaf Will heat out, coupled with a built-in Taiwan Delta 5010 double ball fan, always keep the temperature inside the lamp between the normal range, thus avoiding the infrared LED premature attenuation and burn the situation.

The domestic some individual manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use of ordinary light shell, ordinary glass (because the infrared light work when the heat is very large, and the product itself in the temperature is particularly low outdoor use, cold outside the heat easy to make the infrared light front panel glass burst , Thus affecting the use of the entire lamp; and plexiglass and strengthen the tempered glass can prevent this from happening), the most critical parts of the infrared LED also uses a domestic package 12 mil wafer LED, this LED is cheap, but the power Not only, about 50mw or so, although the increase in current can increase the power, but will reduce the life, only about ten thousand hours. Some simply do not have fans, and some use the fan is only to buy domestic oil-containing fan, the temperature is high, the oil will soon evaporate, the fan will not turn, the whole lamp will be too early attenuation or burn The

We not only use high-quality components, but also a set of after-sales system to provide product preparation, but also put forward the "three-year warranty" commitment, it is because we are full of confidence in their product quality itself. We hope that our cooperation happy, mutually beneficial win-win situation.

We only focus on night vision, committed to the extension of human horizons ... ...

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