IR Illuminator Principles And Characteristics

- Oct 19, 2017-

With the increasing demand for security, simple video surveillance has been unable to meet people's needs, and the emergence of infrared cameras to make up for the gaps in the monitoring industry, with the expansion of the scope of use, the role of infrared in the night to monitor the role More prominent, not only in some important occasions are used. IR Illuminator Even residential area TV monitoring project also uses infrared camera. This shows that people on the TV monitoring system engineering requirements more and more standardized, more and more high.

 Infrared light according to its infrared radiation mechanism is divided into semiconductor solid light (infrared emission diode) infrared light and thermal radiation infrared light two, most of the current infrared cameras are used LED infrared light-emitting diode as the main material of infrared cameras The

 Infrared light emitting diode with infrared, IR Illuminator its principles and characteristics are as follows: by the infrared light-emitting diode matrix composed of luminous body. Infrared emission diode from the infrared radiation efficiency of high materials (commonly used gallium arsenide GaAs) made PN junction, IR Illuminator plus forward bias to the PN junction injection current excitation infrared light. Spectral power distribution for the central wavelength of 830 ~ 950nm, half-peak bandwidth of about 40nm or so, it is narrowband distribution, IR Illuminator  for ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the range. Its biggest advantage is that there can be no red storm, (using 940 ~ 950nm wavelength infrared tube) or only weak red storm (red storm for visible red) and long life.

The emission power of the infrared light emitting diode is expressed by the irradiance μW / m2. In general, the infrared radiation power is proportional to the forward operating current, but near the maximum current rating of the forward current, the device temperature increases due to the heat consumption of the current, so that the light emission power. Infrared diode current is too small, will affect the radiation power play, but the working current is too large will affect its life, and even the infrared diode burned. Currently popular in the infrared camera inside the built-in cooling system, you can make the camera stable working hours.

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