IR Illuminator Technology

- Jul 25, 2017-

Multi-chip LED also has two kinds of situation, one is contains 4 to 8 chips; IR Illuminator the other is an array of light-emitting films, containing 10 to 30 chips. IR Illuminator Why do the chip? The potential reality is: infrared light irradiation interval is not enough because the energy is not enough, more chips together, of course, the energy is large, so the usual interval is farther away. If this can guarantee the infrared light of the light reception rate is right, but the receiver can not guarantee the premise, IR Illuminator no more than the infrared light chip will only run the temperature is too high and affect the life expectancy, and can not really improve the infrared light The interval of exposure.

Overall, the multi-chip infrared camera in terms of performance or because of ordinary halogen lamps, but multi-chip LED due to its inherent defects in the structure is not the focus of light, light optical system is unreasonable, IR Illuminator useful light efficiency is also low. For example, IR Illuminator array LED, the current up to 1000mA or more, just a penny coin size, heat has become a problem. And we do know the technology, LED is most afraid of the high fever, ah, the heat is not bad is not bad ah At the same time, IR Illuminator multi-chip LED production requirements are very strict, each chip can not have a little difference in performance, or a chip is broken, IR Illuminator then hurt the overall chip LED as a whole. Overall, the application of the explosion-proof infrared camera above the existing multi-chip technology LED life is far from enough.

Single-chip LED production process is simple, easy to protect the quality, low heat, IR Illuminator light optical system is reasonable, is to do infrared light infrared camera ideal device, in fact, the application life of up to 100,000 hours or more. So naturally in the technical bias on a single chip. But the single-chip infrared light still has a lot of constraints, such as some LED chip level is very low, impurity exceeded; some production process, but off, there are leakage scenarios; some super power applications, rated 20mA, but the application of more than 50mA; Some do not maintain the circuit, or circuit design is unreasonable, which will lead to single-chip LED infrared light quickly broken.

To protect the life of infrared light, first of all to use high-grade LED chip. High-grade chip power, good consistency, high luminous efficiency, heat is very small, a high-grade LED than ordinary LED quality 10 times, of course, the price is higher. Secondly, the optical system design should be reasonable, IR Illuminator light to be uniform, the utilization rate should be high, heat to be fast. Third, IR Illuminator to strictly control the working voltage. LED is very sensitive to voltage, the voltage is slightly higher LED die will burn; and the voltage is slightly low will be greatly reduced the amount of light. It is best to match the high-quality switching power supply, AC input voltage from 170 volts to 270 volts best to do a better regulator to fit the unsuccessful power supply environment. Fourth, the input power cord is best to use anti-high / low temperature, IR Illuminator ultra-soft anti-tortuous. There is a manufacturer of infrared light, the input power cord can be low temperature minus 60 degrees, high temperature zero 250 degrees normal application, IR Illuminator minus four, fifty degrees cable is still soft as silk, this product was trustworthy.

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