IR Illuminator Very Sensitive

- Aug 10, 2017-

Infrared lights in the installation, IR Illuminator commissioning, must carefully browse the product manual, because the technical parameters of different manufacturers are different, IR Illuminator can not be assumed to be equipped with power and installation debugging.

The working current of the infrared tube is very sensitive to the supply voltage, according to the requirement of the product specification, IR Illuminator the use of switching power supply, not to increase the infrared lamp power supply voltage to increase the radiation power of infrared lamp, so it is likely to cause infrared lights burned; IR Illuminator such as the use of ordinary DC power supply, it is possible because of voltage instability, IR Illuminator caused by infrared light is not enough, or because the voltage is too high to burn

Using centralized power supply TV monitoring system, IR Illuminator the front-end equipment supply to the scientific design. Because the length of the cable is different, the DC voltage attenuation is different. When the distance between the infrared lamp and the control room is large, IR Illuminator the power supply voltage of the infrared lamp near the control room may be high, and the power supply voltage of the infrared lamp far from the control room is lower than that of the $literal. Coupled with the power supply voltage adjustment on the deviation, may cause the high voltage of the infrared lamp life shortened or even burnt out, low voltage of the infrared light emitting power is insufficient. Therefore, IR Illuminator it is recommended to use a one-to-one power supply for infrared lamps as far as possible.

Infrared light is not the angle of the larger the better? Whether manufacturers or engineers take it for granted, they think that the greater the infrared light emission perspective, IR Illuminator the greater the choice of lenses, the selection angle will not appear "flashlight" phenomenon. So, everyone desperately said that their infrared light perspective is how big.

First of all, the use of large visual angle of the infrared light with the lens, there is a waste of light phenomenon. For example, an infrared light, the luminous angle is 80 degrees (equivalent to F3.5mm lens angle), if the lens with f35mm, then there will be a considerable part of the light outside the lens field, that is, IR Illuminator some of the infrared light is wasted. In general, the angle of the infrared lamp is consistent with the lens view, the effect is the best. For example, Changchun grandpro Tatsu infrared lamp, IR Illuminator the light of the launch angle is the lens of the focal length to express. Its SK-4.2w-16 infrared lamp, meaning: " -4.2W" indicates that the lamp's rated power is 4.2 watts; "-16" indicates that the angle of the lamp is consistent with the lens angle of the f16mm, IR Illuminator which can be matched. The infrared lamp by angle classification, currently includes "-4", "8", "16", "35" four series, can be used in the market and the common lens matching.

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