IR Illuminator Visible Light

- Sep 22, 2017-

Infrared light is a relatively special way of lighting, it is the use of the human eye does not feel the near-infrared wavelength spectrum to provide lighting, IR Illuminator so it has a good concealment, high luminous efficiency advantages.

Ordinary CCD black and white camera can not only feel the visible light, and can feel the infrared light. This is the use of ordinary CCD black and white camera, IR Illuminator with infrared light can be more economical to achieve the basic principles of night vision.

The spectral characteristics of ordinary color cameras can not feel the infrared light, IR Illuminator it can not be used for infrared night vision. The infrared radiation power is proportional to the forward operating current, but when the maximum rating of the forward current is approaching, IR Illuminator the temperature of the device rises due to the heat dissipation of the current, causing the light emission power to decrease.

Infrared light for nighttime concealment or no disturbing monitoring, to do auxiliary lighting to use, and the human eye is not sensitive. Get a black and white image.

Infrared light is generally 850nm, the human eye is weak, 940NM very weak, 808nm laser commonly used.

To achieve night vision method, you can use conventional visible light, IR Illuminator but this method not only can not be hidden, but more exposed monitoring target (in the residential area there are disturbing people). Hidden night vision monitoring, are currently using infrared camera technology. Infrared camera technology is divided into passive infrared camera technology and active infrared camera technology. Passive infrared camera technology is the use of any substance in absolute zero above all have infrared light emission, IR Illuminator the human body and heat engine issued by the strong infrared light, other objects issued by the infrared light is very weak, the use of special infrared camera can achieve night monitoring. However, this special infrared camera is expensive, and can not reflect the surrounding environment, so in the night vision system is not used. IR Illuminator In the night vision system often use active infrared camera technology, that is, the use of infrared radiation "lighting", resulting in the human eye can not see the ordinary camera can capture the infrared light, radiation "lighting" scene and the environment, IR Illuminator the application of ordinary low-light black and white camera, during the day Color night automatically black and white camera or infrared low-light color camera, feel the surrounding environment reflects the infrared light to achieve night vision.

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