IR Laser Light Considerations

- Sep 05, 2017-

LASER, the original Chinese name called "LASER", "lesser", English name is called LASER, which means "light amplification of stimulated radiation", has completely express the whole process of the manufacture of LASER, in 1964 China's famous scientist qian xuesen proposed to "" light stimulated emission of radiation LASER.

Purpose: laser infrared lamp with infrared camera, black and white CCD camera or night vision equipment for night vision monitoring system, 24 hours continuous monitoring. The effective lighting distance, long service life, good night vision imaging, high concealment, completely solve night vision lighting problem, are the most ideal infrared lighting products of night vision monitoring.

Has been widely used in public security, judicial, banking, prison, oil field, engineering construction, forest, maritime, customs, ports, railways, airports, frontier defense, military, roads, factories, community, plaza, warehouses and other places of night vision surveillance.

The development trend of laser infrared light

With the technology progress and development of the laser infrared lamp, laser infrared lamp as the cameras night vision lighting light source exactly in line with market demand, replace the LED lamp as cosco distance optimal collocation of the infrared light source products. Because the laser infrared technology is a kind of advanced infrared technology that is different from the nature of LED, and has become the dominant product and dominant market of infrared technology. The domestic market has some front-end equipment in the development of the laser infrared lamp and its own products. With a keen market vision, it has grasped the market leader to meet the demand and can occupy the leading position of the market, occupying the most advanced technology and satisfying the company's innovative profit orientation.

The development of laser infrared lamp technology and the irreversible trend of the application of the security industry for night vision monitoring; The field creates another space. Someone sceptical about new technology, also some people keep the acceptance psychology of people and enterprises, independent innovation is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and cater to infrared laser night vision technology, fusion of infrared technology development direction. Who mastered in this direction, who mastered the commanding heights of the market, to win customer recognition of enterprise strength and innovation ability, thus win the market power period profit and market control and possess. With the development of the laser infrared technology and market recognition, laser infrared lamp is on the market recognition, the infrared night-vision laser infrared lamp become the market mainstream products, let's wait and see.


Along with the development of the security industry, 24-hour monitoring of infrared night vision demand is higher and higher, not only meet the requirements of close tens of metres in front, with the new technology of intelligent video security industry appear constantly, dynamic mesh camera monitoring requirements also more and more high, if there is an emergency, need more mesh to cosco range tracking camera monitoring, LED lamp products, actually only tens of meters, the effect of the infrared attenuation effect with the increase of distance and Angle. Is unable to complete the cosco distance tracking monitoring. In the real world can realize the infrared lamp products of the distance monitoring, the mesh camera with the laser infrared light products is the best choice.

Gradually in the field of surveillance night-vision laser infrared lamp is widely used, but there are some problems in use process, is our fundamental understanding and the understanding and use of laser infrared lamp has certain error, so from the following several aspects about laser infrared lamp, for everybody to correct understanding and the understanding of laser infrared lamp products.

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