IR Laser The Principle Is Simple

- Oct 19, 2017-

Infrared laser wireless charging skills, we conducted a preview in 2015, but after two years to feel more beautiful. The receiver looks more neat and tidy, and the power transport organization looks smaller. Its operating principle is simple: the transmitter emits energy through the infrared laser to the receiver, IR Laser the photovoltaic cell converts the light into energy.

Each transmitter can be paired with three devices within the range of 8 meters, IR Laser and can transmit up to 3W of power, enough to think that smart phones charge. IR Laser Wi-Charge is expected to be placed in a public place such as a cafe, where multiple launchers are arranged to insist on charging all customers' equipment and then eliminating the use of messy wires for charging.

However, if the transmitter and receiver convergence termination, IR Laser the system will require some insignificant to re-paired and determined. Wi-Charge's Alex Shulman notifies CNET that Wi-Charge power is significantly less than the cable or battery is very good, IR Laser but the advantage is that users do not have to charge the device in a specific orientation. In the future, users will be able to use their skills to wirelessly supply power to devices such as home security cameras.

Infrared laser (2 ~ 5μm) covers a number of atmospheric transmission window and many molecular chemical bond absorption peak "fingerprint" area, in space optical communication, IR Laser environmental monitoring, medical, military and other fields have important application prospects. There are many techniques for generating mid-infrared laser, which is based on direct-pumped rare earth doped crystal in the infrared laser technology, with a simple structure, continuous output, high beam quality advantages.

Directly pumped erbium ion (Er3 +) doped laser crystal is one of the most important techniques to realize infrared laser in 3μm band. In order to solve the problem that the lifetime of the lower energy level (4I13 / 2) of the 3μm laser output channel of the Er ion is much higher than that of the upper energy level (4I11 / 2), the laser ion self- Miscellaneous concentrations are often higher than 30 at%, or even 50 at%.

However, the high concentration of doping can lead to a significant decrease in the thermal conductivity of the laser crystal, and the enhancement of the excitation level on the laser level (4I11 / 2), resulting in a limited output power and a low laser efficiency in the 3 μm band.

Ultraviolet microprocessing is not heat treatment in nature, IR Laser and most materials absorb ultraviolet light more easily than absorbing infrared light. High-energy UV photons directly destroy many non-metallic materials on the surface of the molecular bonds, with this "cold" photode treatment technology processing components with smooth edges and minimal carbonization. Moreover, the characteristics of the ultraviolet short wavelength itself are superior to mechanical microprocessing of metals and polymers. IR Laser It can be focused on the order of submicron orders of magnitude, so that the processing of subtle parts can be achieved, even at low pulse energy levels, can also get a high energy density, the effective material processing

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