LED Lighting For Five Years To Replace Incandescent Lamps

- Sep 21, 2015-

Incandescent lamps currently "dominate"

"60W incandescent bulbs last year are already in the European Union and the United States started out in China, many families have already eliminated, but to replace its energy-saving fluorescent bulbs, instead of LED lighting. "National high-tech enterprise development LED Professional Committee Director Hao Zheng said.

According to reports, the lighting in the world today there are three types: traditional incandescent light bulbs, energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting. In the market, traditional incandescent there are 15 billion, 3 billion energy-saving fluorescent lamps, LED lights, 10 million. Lighting consumes 22% of power around the world.

LED lighting costs than fluorescent lamps

"Judging from the price, most incandescent bulbs only 4 Yuan, is 400 hours service life, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, $ 20, is the life 6,000 hours, LED lighting is only 400 Yuan, is 45,000 hours of service life. "NXP semiconductor lighting products in greater China market analysis Manager Chen Rong," if taken together cost and life saving, LED lighting the entire cost than energy-saving fluorescent lamps. ”

Hao Zheng said, because energy-saving fluorescent lamps is made of many separator programme would bring the same energy saving fluorescent bulbs, its useful life vary greatly, "if driver controlled energy-saving lamps, would allow energy-saving lamps up to standard life. ”

There are people that, energy-saving fluorescent lamps are just transitional product, from incandescent to LED lighting, not too long, "five years, maximum ten years! ”

90% lighting products made in China

This reporter has learned, 90% lighting products on the market are made in China, almost all international giants have established research institutions in China. "In LED lighting, for example, in the Pearl River Delta, will form a complete industrial chain structure within a few years. "Hao Zheng said.

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