LED Sensor Light Marketing Channel Analysis

- Sep 21, 2015-

First, in the tradition of the Terminal on the way, should focus on shopping malls, town, village Mall

Many well known, international brands, the domestic brands ' share of the city is extremely high, and in urban and rural shopping centres mainly occupied by troops in the country, and its cause was mainly in the commodity price and purchase accounting a degree of difference of the towns, villages, leading brand in the shopping malls of towns and villages the survival rate is not high.

Therefore, the LED sensor lights brands probably fit in commodity pricing, town, village Mall. Should develop in the lighting atmosphere, useful towns, country specific localization of products, grab a huge market share.

Second, on the way, you should take into

According to incomplete statistics: cat shopping mall in 2012 "double 11", sold over 1 million only 1 brand; in 2013 and cat shop "double 11" brands of lamps and hundreds of course of the brand has sold over 1 million 5, large brands with a turnover of 30 million yuan in the first place.

It can be seen that followed throughout the network and network devices, electrical contractor means very rapidly, within the 5-10 in the future, following the logistics improvements and service enhancements, electrical contractor means maturity, will be on equal footing with traditional ways. LED lights big companies could see that lighting means in the future will be based on and offline interaction O2O trend.

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