LED Strobe Lamp

- Mar 27, 2018-

What’s LED Strobe Lamp? Why use a LED strobe lamp for number plate recognition?

HD intelligent transportation, safe city video acquisition system is mainly composed of imaging equipment, testing equipment, lighting equipment, security control, transmission equipment, auxiliary equipment, backstage equipment etc.

There are three main detection methods, which are video detection, coil detection, radar detection.

A good performance lighting equipment plays an important role in intelligent traffic capture work, light effect of lighting equipment directly affects the data acquisition of the intelligent traffic camera. Due to the reason of overheat, low brightness and light interference of drivers and road participants, continuously bright lighting equipment has been difficult to apply capture demand. LED strobe lamp works with video frame synchronization, frequency synchronized with intelligent traffic camera in high-speed flash. Instantaneous flash intensity of it can reach several times of continuously bright lighting equipment to meet the demand of license plate recognition for the intelligent traffic camera. Compared to continuously bright lighting equipment, LED strobe lamp works as continuous pulse flash. Its brightness in the eye is weaker than the continuously bright lighting equipment, which can lower the light interference. The intermittent flash mode can effectively reduce heat dissipation and prolong the service life of the LED lamp.

In HD electronic police system LED strobe lamp can be widely used in the city intersection, red light enforcement, sidewalks, speed limit, speed measurement, toll station, effectively improve the image quality of the intelligent traffic camera at night, which plays a key role on the night time illegal conduct evidently.

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