Lighting Market Three Main Trends: LED Momentum Very Considerable

- Sep 21, 2015-

As the industry becomes more standard, growing brand awareness, lighting distribution industry has entered a new stage of development. In 2010, the lighting market in jiaxing "energy-saving" fire is so hot this year in the lighting industry is still highlighted. So, for 2011, jiaxing lighting market and what mainstream? let us read together.

Energy-saving products this year attention

A well-known market manager with small series revealed that, for the industry, energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon, green is more important, States the popularization, promotion of energy-saving lamps, the State, through subsidies to promote, to a dollar a selling price to residents, for "green carbon" discussion is also popular.

Simple, modern light favor

Simple, modern lamps, because young people love became the mainstream consumer. With the improvement level, culture in all its aspects to improve, choose change in lighting concepts. In jiaxing, a well-known lamp market, after the MS is to buy your own wedding room lighting. Ms Liu said: "buying lamps, unlike in the past, well as long as it is light, possibly from the layout of the room, style, and function of the lamp itself to consider, have an increasingly higher requirements for lighting. "Light is a decorative sense of leisure, you round lamps city, a lot of light is very distinctive, and each have their own characteristics.

LED momentum very considerable

LED says universal has not yet universal, but the major market in jiaxing, also it's shadow. LED technology is not yet mature, cost is very high, has not reached popularity levels, but has been created too much momentum in jiaxing, has come to the front of the market, energy efficiency is higher than energy-saving lamps, life expectancy is long, as far as our knowledge of what it's not pollution.

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