Mini IR Illuminator Structure

- Aug 02, 2017-

Infrared emission tube, also known as infrared emission diodes, Mini IR Illuminator are diodes. It can be directly converted into near-infrared light (non-visible light) and can radiate out of the light-emitting devices, mainly used in a variety of photoelectric switches and remote control transmitter circuit. Mini IR Illuminator Infrared tube structure, the principle and ordinary light-emitting diodes similar to the semiconductor materials used only different. Infrared light-emitting diodes are usually using gallium arsenide (GaAs), Mini IR Illuminator arsenic gallium arsenide (GaAlAs) and other materials, using a transparent or light blue, black resin package.

Infrared emission diode from the infrared radiation efficiency of high materials (commonly used gallium arsenide (GaAs), arsenic gallium arsenide (GaAlAs) and other materials made of PN junction, plus forward bias to the PN junction injection current excitation infrared light. Spectral power distribution for the central wavelength of 830 ~ 950nm, half-peak bandwidth of about 40nm or so, it is narrowband distribution, Mini IR Illuminator for ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the range. Its biggest advantage is that there can be no red storm, (using 940 ~ 950nm wavelength infrared tube) or only weak red storm (red storm for visible red) and long life.

The emission power of the infrared light emitting diode is expressed by the irradiance μW / m2. In general, the infrared radiation power is proportional to the positive operating current, but close to the maximum current rating of the current, the device temperature due to the heat consumption of the current rise, Mini IR Illuminator so that light emission power. Infrared diode current is too small, will affect the radiation power to play, but the working current is too large will affect its life, and even the infrared diode burned.

When the voltage across the forward threshold voltage (about 0.8V or so) the current began to flow, and is a very steep curve, indicating that the operating current is very sensitive to the operating voltage. Mini IR Illuminator So the working voltage is accurate and stable, otherwise it will affect the radiation power and its reliability. The radiated power decreases as the ambient temperature increases (including the ambient temperature generated by its own heat). Infrared light, especially long-distance infrared light, Mini IR Illuminator heat consumption is the design and selection should pay attention to the problem.

The maximum radiation intensity of the infrared diode is generally in front of the optical axis and decreases with the increase of the angle between the radiation direction and the optical axis. Mini IR Illuminator The angle of 50 [%] of the maximum intensity of the radiation is called the half intensity radiation angle.

Light is an electromagnetic wave, its wavelength range from a few nanometers (1nm = 10-9m) to 1 mm (mm) or so. The visible wavelength is from 380nm to 780nm, Mini IR Illuminator the wavelength of visible light from long to short into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, violet, Mini IR Illuminator the wavelength is shorter than the purple light, the wavelength of visible light is only a part of the visible light, visible light Called ultraviolet light, the wavelength is longer than the infrared light called infrared light.

Ordinary CCD black and white camera can feel the spectral characteristics of light, Mini IR Illuminator it can not only feel the visible light, and can feel the infrared light. This is the use of ordinary CCD black and white camera, with infrared light can be more economical to achieve the basic principles of night vision. The spectral characteristics of ordinary color cameras can not feel the infrared light, it can not be used for night vision

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