Outdoor IR Laser 808nm 300m Night Laser Module

- May 31, 2016-

S-S300L IR Laser Light

Adopt with innovating homogenization laser technology, S-S300L has even IR light spot. Equipped with high power IR laser tube for 300m/500m IR distance and excellent quality of electric zooming lens of 1-60° adjustable angle, the product can be flexible installed for many kinds of occasions. With a standard interface parameters, it's compatible with the industry general protocol Pelco-D and Sony VISCA. In the process of beam angle adjustment, user can set the preset position for calling to control the beam angle of laser automatically to the set point of view. It is the ideal infrared lighting source for night vision CCTV/IP cameras.

Product Features
■ Photoelectric conversion efficiency reach to  40% 
■ Smooth electric synchronous zoom from 1° to 60°
■ Life span is 50,000hrs
■ homogenized light spot with no noise
■ RS485 interface
■ Coaxial lens focus, sync. with camera
■ Power lose memories 
■ Preset position
■ Low heating, high efficiency

■ Forest Fire Prevention
■ Oil well monitoring system
■ Public security system 
■ Traffic speed measurement

Model:   S-S300L

Laser Mode:     Multi-mode

Multi-mode:   808±10nm

Optical Power:   2W

Illumination Angle:   1°-60° adjustable

Beam Shape:      Round

Beam Diameter:      5m diameter with 1° at 300m

Beam Spot Uniformity:       Good

Viewing Distance:      300m

Operating Voltage:      DC12V

Operating Current:      1.2A

Service Life:       50000h

Operating Temperature:         -40℃ to +60℃

Storage Temperature:        -40℃ to +85℃

Power Consumption:          <15W

Dimension:          L156*W90*H159mm

Material:         Aluminium Alloy

Color:         Black color

Total weight:         1.65kg

Laser Protection:        1M

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