PIR Switch Function Features

- Sep 21, 2015-

1. fully automatic induction: entering their sensor size the output high, from the induction initiative to delay closing high electronic scale, output low.

2. the photo-manipulation (optional. factory-set at the end): you can set the photo manipulation, day or light intensity without induction.

3. can repeat triggered: that induction output high level Hou, in delay moments paragraph within, if has human in its induction scale activities, its output will has always been insisted high level, until people from Hou only delay will high level into low level (induction module detection to human of each times activities Hou will active extended a delay moments paragraph, and to eventually once activities of moments for delay moments of starting points).

4. induction sealing time (default setting: no close time): after each induction the induction module output (high level low level) can be followed by setting a closing time periods that time period during which the sensor does not receive any signals. This feature can end "inductive output" and "closed time" gap between jobs can be applied from the exploration commodity: while this function can effectively inhibit various disturbances that occurred during the load switch. (This time can be set in a fraction of a second – tens of seconds).

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