SD8-IR IR Camera Housing

- Jun 04, 2016-

S-SD8-IR IR Camera Housing

1. Description
• Accurate constant circuit drive develops excellent performance of LED; Using high power LED, high efficacy and long service life; 
• Fill light for night vision camera 
• Indoor/outdoor use
• Easy installation

2. Specification

Quantity: 8PCS 2W High Power IR LED

Wavelength: 740nm/850nm/940nm

Beam angle: 15°-90°

IR Distance: 140m-40m(850nm)

Day/night switch: CDS 10-20lux ±10%

Input Voltage: AC110-220V/AC24V/DC 12V options

Power consumption: 25W (850nm)

Wire: If 12VDC/24VAC: 45cm(1.4ft.)

Plug: AC110-220V(standard), other voltage optional

Panel: Tempered glass panel

Housing: Aluminum Die Casting Housing

Bracket: Mount bracket

Working temperatures: -30℃ to +50℃(-50℃ to +50℃ with heater)

Protection Level: IP65

Color: White



Packing dimension: 450*265*225mm

3. Installation
1. The product includes fragile parts. Take care on every transportation steps and hold carefully, do not stress!
2. Ensure operating voltage and current are proper before installation.
3. Install the product on the holder by fixing the mount hold with screws directly. 
4. Adjust the angle of product by loosing screws on bracket. 
5. Link power wires tightly and make it waterproof to avoid electric shock.
6. Connect with extra power wire should make it waterproof at the same. 
7. The outlet of power wire should be installed downward.
8. Don't use against any fire precaution rules during operation. 
9. Installation requested professional operation and qualified personnel.
10. Connect our sales person if you need additional parts for installation.

1. Cut off power before maintenance.
2. Clean the glass regular to get better transmission of light. 
3.Clean the housing to get well heat dissipation performance. 
4. Clean by dry dishcloth, don't use water or strong corrosive solution.

4.Models for selection

Model                  Beam Angle           IR Distance(850nm)

S-SD8-15-IR               15°                         140m                  

S-SD8-30-IR               30°                         100m

S-SD8-45-IR               45°                          80m

S-SD8-60-IR               60°                          70m

S-SD8-90-IR               90°                          40m

S-SD8-120-IR             120°                        25m

* IR distance is tested by SONY 1/3" CCD Camera. 
To achieve the distance needed, please pay attention to your camera specification and lens before purchase. It is normal phenomenon that distance may vary due to different cameras and lens.

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