Silver SD IR Illuminator Advantage Features

- May 18, 2017-

Advantages of silver SD infrared lamp

1, infrared lamp for the first time to achieve small volume, small appearance, beautiful, shiny silver shell, more high-end, small size,

2, flexible installation,

1-can be installed like a camera,

2-can be lifted under the general infrared machine, Silver SD IR Illuminator combination of Cheng Hong outside the body machine,

3-can be assembled in factories, can also be modified ready-made.

4-can be installed under the shield, combining very beautiful. Easy to install. In particular the license plate lamp

5-can be installed on the night vision system, the volume is small, can be a combination of building blocks.

6-can and specialized cameras organize an organic infrared separator. Silver SD IR Illuminator With power supply module, fan module

Sun visor, even can add network module.

7-Infrared Lamp mechanical Zoom Unit Module

3, strong structure, the product is solid structure, there is no cavity, outside is high-strength aluminum alloy shell, not easy to break and pressure bad, generally if deformation, will not rupture.

4, no glass, no cavity, thoroughly waterproof, Silver SD IR Illuminator there will be no leakage of leakage problems.

5, light weight, small size, reduce production and handling, storage costs, reduce shipping costs.

6, the product can be combined, production and stocking specifications reduced, more convenient and flexible.

7, the shape of the rules, packaging can be more beautiful. Deficiency of the place

The silver SD infrared lamp According to the LED Chip area size classification, the common has 9 mil*9 mil,20 mil*20 mil,22 the mil*22 mil,40 the mil*40 mil,60 mil*60 Mil,LED the chip area the bigger, Silver SD IR Illuminator the withstanding current is bigger, emits luminous flux also more. But the LED chip area expands to a certain amount, luminous flux cannot increase proportionally. So the recent common led chip area in 15 mil*15 mil below for small power, 20 mil*20 mil~30 mil*30 mil for the power led, the area in 40 mil*40 mil above for the W-level power LED (high-power led).  

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