White Light Illuminator Easy To Get

- Oct 11, 2017-

The laser light source is based on semi-polar GaN laser diodes, White Light Illuminator combined with advanced phosphor technology. Since the laser concentrates on a tiny point on the phosphor to emit light and convert it into white light, the light source can output a safe and highly collimated white light. Based on the laser-based method, its properties include increasing the temperature much lower than the LED. Laser pumping is also practical because the device is very easy to obtain near the UV emission and can effectively play this role.

The process from LED to laser does not happen overnight. On the contrary, in the foreseeable future, LED-based lamps will still be the main means of generating white light. However, White Light Illuminator solid-state lighting systems based on laser diodes have been used in high-brightness lighting applications, and now several manufacturers have already produced them.

The driving force behind the development of laser diode-pumped lamps is to avoid LED efficiency degradation. But that's not the only benefit. In addition to Soraa and several others, the manufacturers of other LED sources use chips that do not contain wavelengths shorter than about 450 nm.White Light Illuminator Thus, when using these inexpensive LEDs with peak wavelengths of 450-460 nm for phosphor pumping, the resulting light source is insufficient in the purple portion of the spectrum.

This can be avoided by using a white light with a 405 nm UV-emitting laser diode. These devices are cheap, efficient, and available on the market. Using a short wavelength phosphor pump, White Light Illuminator the spectrum output richer, spectral coverage is greater, and the color rendering index is higher than the typical LED pumped white light source

In many cases, the number is more important than the quality of white light. In this way, the laser diode pump light is very strong, so they are building lighting, searchlights and automotive headlights ideal high-intensity light source. Another property of the laser source is that the emitted light beam diverges very little, White Light Illuminator almost close to the parallel.

The advantages of laser pump light sources have attracted the attention of car manufacturers, they are actively for high-end models installed on the laser headlights. Like LED lighting in the automotive industry as the penetration of high-end models to lead the trend, which includes some of the BMW models

Unlike LEDs, different arrangements are required when using a laser diode to pump the phosphor. Due to the directional nature of the laser radiation and its high strength, White Light Illuminator it is not possible to simply deposit the phosphor at the top of the pump. In contrast, more optical arrangements are required, such as a combination of a phosphor plate and a reflector, or a phosphor-coated integrating sphere

For both methods, one or two diodes can be pumped by using a suitable technique to combine multiple laser beams. This means that there is no upper limit on the optical power of the laser pumped optical module. Another advantage of using a remote pumping structure is that the phosphor is not on the hot component, which prevents the phosphor from heating during operation, greatly extending its service life.

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