White Light Illuminator Electronic Technology

- Jun 20, 2017-

White Light Illuminator Half a century ago, solid-state electronics was still in the form of small-signal devices, and its initial goal was to replace vacuum tubes in switches and amplifiers. White Light Illuminator A few decades have passed, transistors, integrated circuits and other solid-state circuits have been phased out and replaced the vast majority of circuit systems in vacuum tubes. White Light Illuminator Even cathode ray tubes (CRTs) are being gradually replaced by flat panel displays. Solid-state electronics The next step is to conquer the goal is not something else, and it is the predecessor of the vacuum tube - incandescent light bulb (and its peers fluorescent light source).

   The accelerating development of compound semiconductors and their manufacturing process technology causes luminescence

Diode LEDs are likely to replace fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps as light sources for indoor lighting. Many LED suppliers and technicians see this as the next "holy grail" of solid-state lighting projects. Moreover, the huge potential of solid-state lighting to white LED manufacturers ushered in the best development opportunities in recent years, white LED backlight in the display and mobile phone keyboard lighting on a large number of applications have been successful, and in the near future also see Less than any growth in this area may have any cooling.

Throughout 2005 to 2006, White Light Illuminator the major suppliers of high-brightness white LEDs announced that their range of new products could be equivalent to or slightly better than the light fluorescent lighting currently used in most office locations light source. With the development of chip-scale integration, thin film deposition and plasticization techniques, and the development of thin film laminates based on gallium nitride compounds, LED manufacturers can significantly increase the luminous efficiency of their products ( Luminous efficiency is lm / w per lm).

So far, most of the major LED manufacturers of new devices can achieve the "wall lamp efficiency" (about 60 to 80lm / W). At the same time, Nichia, White Light Illuminator a leading manufacturer of white LEDs, White Light Illuminator recently disclosed the development of a high-lumen LED based on gallium nitride with an efficiency of up to 100 lm / W. This luminous efficiency has been recognized as an important milestone in the development of high brightness white LED devices because its luminous efficiency is equivalent to the luminous efficiency of standard fluorescent light sources. (High energy consumption but less expensive incandescent bulbs generally only 14 to 16lm / W), but the most important situation is the latest LED luminous efficiency level indicates that the progress of solid-state lighting technology than the original industrial development plan ahead of two to three years.

The development trend of solid-state lighting is becoming the world's energy-conscious government departments to consider the priority issues, White Light Illuminator countries have increased investment in LED research and development funds. An energy research in the United States shows that solid-state lighting will save 3.5 x 1015 BTU in the foreseeable future, more than three times the amount of electricity consumed in Oregon. In addition, according to another US assessment report, if the LED-based solid-state lighting technology through the next decade of sustainable development, the future of global thermal power plants will release carbon per year will reduce 300 million tons.

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