SZN3128B-W White Light Strobe Lamp

SZN3128B-W White Light Strobe Lamp

SZN 31 2 8B - W White Light Strobe Lamp Product Overview SZN 31 28B - W is designed as the high brightness LED strobe lamp for monitoring . The product adopts self-designed heat dissipation structure and constant current drive control mode of the lamp, chooses high-power LED chip as light...

Product Details

SZN3128B-W White Light Strobe Lamp

Product Overview                                                

SZN3128B-W is designed as the high brightness LED strobe lamp for monitoring. The product adopts self-designed heat dissipation structure and constant current drive control mode of the lamp, chooses high-power LED chip as light source, through precise optical design which makes light intensity uniform and effective distribution and achieves overall high brightness effect. It provides professional lighting for video surveillance, vehicle pedestrian detection and capture. Products can be widely used in electronic police, public security, road monitoring and other systems.


 High performance LED, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.

 Adopt with aluminum alloy lamp body with fin type structure for better heat dissipation, the front cover is using tempered glass for good light transmission effect and reliability.

 Automatically protect the camera's error triggering and resume the trigger signal when the input is abnormal.

 Video synchronization by stroboscopic support.

 Support strobe brightness adjustment.

 Support flash function

Technical Specification                                                       



LED Type

28pcs high brightness Cree white light LED

Color Temperature


Beam Angle

10°(standard), 15°, 30°, 45°

Cover Lane

1.5 Lane (standard)

Best Distance for NPR

16-25meter (standard)

Strobe Trigger Method

Electrical level

Strobe Trigger Signal

4V-6V (high electrical level effective)

Trigger Frequency


Trigger Duty Cycle

1% to 39%, when the duty cycle is 40%,  the self protection started

Flash Trigger Method

Switching value switch

Protection Function

Transient over peak suppression

Response Time


Synchronization Port

1 port strobe trigger input

1 port flash trigger input

Brightness Control

Changing the duty cycle of external input PWM wave

Design Lifetime

50000 hrs

Housing Material

Die-casting aluminium alloy

Power Sources

AC220V±20%, 47Hz~63Hz

Working voltage


Power consumption of strobe

60W (actual power is related to control mode).

Power consumption of flash

Peak 180W

Working temperature

-40+70℃ (working humidity 10%90%)

Protection level


Surge Level

Common mode 6KV, Differential Mode 3KV

Net Weight


Packing Dimension


Security standards

GAT1202-2014-General technical specification for traffic technology monitoring imaging supplementary device

Matters need attention                                                 

1. Except artificial reason and the force majeure, the lamp has 36months warranty, lifetime maintenance with cost price.

2. Using outdoor electronic product safety reasons, the ground wire must be connected to the qualified ground device to protect the products.  

3. The product powered with high voltage. It is strictly prohibited to open personally.

4. To avoid water in, the product must install correctly and the power wire must not be tighten.

5. We seek to make the accuracy between product and data, but we can't cover all the application field. Specification and design are subjected to change without notice.

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